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The Green Destinations solutions for businesses offers tools that assess, certify, and support the sustainability of businesses, especially in the tourism sector. Businesses have a vital role in the local economy of destinations, which is why we want to support them in becoming more sustainable. Any kind of business, product, or organisation in the tourism supply chain is welcome to join us, from hotels to restaurants, to tour guides, local DMOS, and so on.

The Good Travel Program is more than just a certification, it is a sustainability support program for all tourism and travel-related businesses and facilities, designed to be highly feasible and very affordable for micro, small, and medium-sized enterprises (MSMEs). It focuses on practical requirements that are easy for smaller businesses to manage.

Our tools 

The Good Travel Scan is a tool to evaluate the sustainability of businesses in the tourism sector, especially for those who are just at the beginning of their journey toward sustainability. This tool shows businesses how they are performing in terms of sustainability and which areas they need to focus on for improvement. It is the perfect tool for companies that consider taking the first step towards Good Travel Seal Level 1.

You can access the tool from this link:


The Good Travel Seal is a sustainability support and certification tool that is offered at different levels. We recommend micro and small enterprises not apply for GSTC-Accredited certification. They are simply not suitable for micro and small enterprises, too demanding, too complex, and often expensive.

Especially for micro and small businesses we developed the Good Travel Seal Level 1. This is a fast-track certification combining the 26 Good Travel Scan criteria (our free self-assessment) with the 32 Travalyst sustainability actions.

For small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) we developed the Good Travel Seal Level 2. Companies report on their compliance with 57 criteria covering 67% of the GSTC Industry Criteria.

We also offer larger companies the opportunity to take the next step in sustainability by becoming certified using the full GSTC Industry Criteria. The Good Travel Seal Level 3 (also indicated as GTS+) adds 14 additional criteria that cover the remaining 33% of the GSTC Industry Criteria. This is a great and affordable opportunity for larger companies that already have sufficient sustainability experience and companies that have started with the Good Travel Seal level 2 and are ready for the next level.

For all three certifications, the criteria cover the areas of environmental management, social responsibility, and health & safety, as well as a variety of additional sector-specific criteria. All certified companies receive the certification decision, a list of recommendations, the GTS Seal, a Certificate, a Performance Scorecard, and various marketing benefits.



The Climate Action Scan is a support tool for businesses that want to improve their sustainability performance by focusing on the aspects that affect both the economic well-being of the business and climate change. The standard is built around four important aspects of the Good Travel Seal that are strongly related to climate change. 

Our joint efforts 

With a joint effort of the Blue Destination steering group, we started the Bonaire Blue Destination certification.  This is a ‘white-label’ program of the Good Travel Seal, an ideal way to promote the destination. The main reason for this certification process is the desire to give businesses and organizations an active role in the implementation of Bonaire's vision as a Blue Destination.

Another ‘white-label’ program of the Good Travel Seal is the DEL Turismo certification for sustainable businesses, a pioneer program in Latin America. DEL Turismo is currently the only private initiative program in Brazil that supports local stakeholders in several Brazilian states in the management of tourist destinations aligned with Green Destinations criteria and values. Together with Green Destinations, DEL Turismo aims to strengthen and recognize the sustainability of the tourism supply chain in these destinations, making businesses and enterprises more innovative and responsible.

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